IAAPS India’s only association of qualified Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons who specialise in Aesthetically improving how you look

The Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons is the only professional organization in India dedicated to improved cosmetic surgery outcomes through education, research, and the maintenance of high surgical standards of clinical practice.

Our membership is comprised of fully trained and certified specialists in Plastic Surgery who have demonstrated their commitment to excellence in the Cosmetic and Aesthetic areas of our speciality. In 2020 the demand for cosmetic surgery has never been greater. However for patients seeking a competent well-trained professional to provide that surgery, the search can seem confusing. This website is intended to help prospective patients identify a well-qualified and recognized Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in their geographic area.

More than ever before, our members are focusing their educational and research activities on patient safety and risk reduction; both are paramount to good surgical outcomes. The quest to merge the latest in techniques and technology with the highest possible level of patient safety is the fine balance championed by the members of this Association.