With advancing age, just as our face changes, our genital area undergoes aging changes as well. Facial rejuvenation has become a fine art and similar techniques can be used towards genital rejuvenation as well.

Most noticeable aging changes in genital area is loss of fullness or roundness of the labia majora (outer lips of the vulva), elongation of labia minora (inner lips of the vulva), or tightening of the vagina.

As the fat atrophies in most of the fat pads of our body, so does the fat pad in the labia majora shrink. It starts looking old and deflated. It is possible to reverse this change by Microfat Grafting or Fat derived Stem cell grafting. The labia majora can be restored to its youthful appearance. It most certainly will improve Vulval aesthetics and its sexual function of friction
Correction of labia minora or vaginal tightening is covered in labiaplasty and vaginoplasty section. Please read FAQ’s for more information.

Who should have it done?

A fit person who has either small or deflated shrunken outer lips of the vulva (labia majora) and desires an improvement in the genital aesthetics/ appearance, youthfulness or firmness can seek this procedure.

What should I expect to get from this procedure?

The labia majora and surrounding area will become fuller and rounder. It will become firmer and more youthful. An improvement in sexual feelings may be possible but not absolutely essential. This is a subjective response and may vary from person to person.

When should you get this done?

If you feel your vulva has lost its youthfulness due to aging and it is affecting your confidence and self esteem, you should consider having this done.

How should I proceed?

A consultation with the Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon would be a good start to discuss your goals, aspiration, procedure and outcome in detail in an unpressured environment.