BannerI have male pattern baldness, what should I be doing?

A proper consultation with a well trained and qualified Hair Transplant Doctors will help you to reach a diagnosis for the cause of your hair loss. They may recommend either medical or surgical treatment for your condition. They will also guide you to the risks and complications involved. They will also be able to tell you about the likely outcome from the treatment.

What are the options for hair restoration?

Topical or oral medications may benefit some people with early to moderate hair loss and may also be combined with our advanced surgical techniques. Our doctors provide the latest and most popular technique of micro follicular hair grafting, which provides the most natural looking, significant solution for those who have baldness and thinning hair. We prefer the more advanced and recent technique of FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction) as against FUT.

What procedure is generally followed?

In the FUT technique, usually under local anaesthesia, a strip of hair bearing skin is harvested from that area of the scalp that never becomes bald in pattern baldness. Micro or mini follicles of hair are dissected out gently and meticulously. These hair follicles are then transplanted in recipient stab incisions at the proposed site for grafting. In the FUE techniqe, we use an automated Follicle extraction device that removes single follilces. Every fifth follicle is removed from the back of the scalp and then transplanted in a manner similar to FUT. Great precaution is taken to ensure that the angle of transplantation is the same as the required angle of growth. The whole process may involve transplanting up to fifteen hundred to four thousand hair follicles.