Do you often highlight your cheek bones to make them appear prominent?
Do you like to use eye make up to hide bags or circles around your eyes?
Do you wonder how can you get rid of the stubborn fat deposits?
Have you been having backache because your tummy never went in after those two deliveries?
So, yes cosmetic surgery is for you, as it is for anyone who is looking any for aesthetic solution to maintain health and fitness!


Often people ask why should they change something in them to conform to a conventional standard of beauty and that is indeed true. You need not undergo knife just because say so. It is when YOU WISH to change, you can approach a cosmetic surgeon. You should not do it for anyone’s sake or any material gain. The truth is that cosmetic surgery is a very customised solution to your individual problem. It can be tailored to your needs. Everyone has a unique facial structure and features.  Different things enhance it. Just as a different shade of lipstick or a style of beard would suit your facial profile, a different kind of a procedure say a lip enhancement or a nose job would be tailor made for you.

Another fear which patients have is that they may look plastic or not natural after the procedures. You can always feel free to convey to your doctor and be assured that your plastic surgeon understands that you wish to change or enhance something in your face sans a drastic difference. It is a rather safe venture (if done by the right person) in which both your expectations and the doctor’s objective assessment are taken into account!


It comprises both surgical and less invasive procedures like injections. There is this perception that tools like Botox and fillers are to defy the aging process. But in fact, they are useful for so many other indications in the young too. Did you know that you can get rid of the tired weary appearance or under eye circles, fine lines with mere injections? There are procedures which are safe and not so heavy on the pocket too, which can help you look younger and fresher. So why not?

There are autologous substances like fat and platelet rich plasma which are safe to inject and give wonderful results for skin rejuvenation.

Often people are troubled with the shape of their nose, lips and we do live in times where there are procedures to fix these problems, quite safely. There are women who have problems with small or large breasts, which go beyond just the appearance. There are not only psychological issues but also physical problems like shoulder and neck pain.

If you have worked out enough and are on a healthy balanced diet, yet unable to get rid of stubborn fat pockets, solutions lies in liposuction and liposculpting. If there are ways to give you the body of your dreams, (provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain the surgical effect too), why not?

There is a common myth associated with cosmetic surgery, that it is very costly. It essentially is not. The cost varies with the procedure, skill and equipment as for any other surgery!

There is a lady I am treating for a non healing wound on the leg, with PRP injections. I convinced her to try it for facial skin rejuvenation and she loved the results. She asked me recently “doctor, this is just an injection; right? I do not want cosmetic or plastic surgery!!” I was surprised because even though we are willing to undergo procedures to look and feel better, the word ‘Plastic Surgery’ remains a taboo! It is not exclusively for the film stars or celebrities, it could be a solution for you and me too.Hope in future, with better awareness and smarter patients, one can utilise cosmetic surgery procedures to make a difference in their lives! After all we are the land of Sushruta, the Father of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Neharika Neeraj

Consultant, Plastic Surgery

GNRC Hospitals, Guwahati