Bimonthly Newsletter  Oct 2016

Dear IAAPS Members

As a secretary of this association, I would like to introduce a bimonthly newsletter to you all. A newsletter which will keep you updated with all global and national happenings in the Aesthetic Industry. We shall cover both surgical and non surgical news and updates. Apart from this, it will be open for members to contribute to this newsletter. In fact, it will be a medium for members to voice their thoughts and reach out to all members. We hope to be a medium for members to connect their thoughts to all. Our association members can post interesting cases they have done, awards they have received, post queries and solutions. This will also be a medium for the Aesthetic Industry to reach out to our association and present their technical innovations.

ISAPS Congress 2016 Kyoto 

ISPAPS had its biennial congress between 24-28th of Oct in Kyoto. A well attended congress with more than 2000 delegates from all over the world. Big delegations were from Russia, Brazil, USA, Europe, and most of asian countries. More than 15 delegates were from India, most were our association members.

The venue of the congress was Miyakomessee, a convention centre to the east of Kyoto. Kyoto is one of Japans large cities with numerous shrines, temples and gardens. The weather was pleasant with cool temperatures, not warranting any warm clothing.

ISAPS congress was divided in to six halls with most of the invited faculty speaking mostly in Hall A and B. Free papers in the others. Everyday would start at 7 am with a masterclass where eminent speakers and personalities in Rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation, body contouring and Breast surgery spoke for an hour. This was followed by various sessions. Lunch was a business packaged lunch from 12-1 am. During this time the industry was given an opportunity to present their technical innovations. This was followed by proper lunch time, and the delegates got a chance to interact with the industry stalls.

There was one whole day in one of the halls dedicated to business aspects of our practice. How to gather leads, how to convert leads, how to set up a website? Social media marketing, SEO, Google adwords etc. This was particularly inciteful and useful for practitioners, who barely know anything about the business administration side. Renato Saltz then spoke about how to set up a combined Aesthetic Medicine practice, encompassing the non surgical and surgical aspects.


One topic of interest to all our association members is the relatively high incidence of deaths during fat grafting to the buttocks. There is an increase in number of patients seeking reshaping of the buttocks and pelvis area. Fat redistribution by fat grafting is being done in increasing numbers. Around 24 deaths out of 80000 cases have been noted. These have been verified by autopsy and surgeon interviews. The ASERF task force was set up which presented its study results. The risk of mortality from fat embolism in fat grafting to the buttocks was worked out to 1:3000.  The panel which consisted of Arturo Montana from Mexico, and Constantino Mendieta spoke on what one should do and not do to reduce the risk of fat embolism. The panel concluded that there were definite risks involved in injecting fat around the greater sciatic notch. There is a large plexus of veins with large 4-6 mm veins that act as a low pressure sump.  Montana demonstrated in cadaveric dissection that injecting deep in to the muscle especially from the infragluteal fold area upwards, has a higher risk of injecting around the greater sciatic notch. So the committee recommended that one should avoid injecting deep in the muscle especially from the infragluteal crease port. Injection from the top is safe. Even injecting from the lateral port has a risk and hence should be angled upwards and not horizontally. Prefer large cannulas, as risk of intravascular injection reduces. Inject mostly in subcutaneous or upper muscle planes.

Symposium on Patient Safety and standards.

In the current scenario where litigations are rising, and lots of other specialities trying to encroach in to our speciality, there is an increased need for regulation and standards. It would be very unlikely that the govt would come out with these regulations, and hence there is a need to put in regulations in place on our own. European Union Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons came together and collectively declared EN 16372, a European Aesthetic Surgery Standard, which guides all Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and helps them quote these guidelines, when in trouble. USA has the AAAASF standards for accreditation of Aesthetic Surgery facilities, similarly South America has standards too.

It is time our association came up with Indian Aesthetic Surgery standards and accredite facilities who are abiding by those. We could then impress on our Govt to use these standards and enforce on all others. It would go a long way in improving patient stafty and satisfaction.


Renato Saltz from USA took over as next president of ISAPS. He announced the next congress in South Miami Beach convention centre in Nov 2018. Discounted registrations are open and are $ 550 till Dec 2016. Following that the next president Dirk Richter from Germany will take over and the congress will be at Cologne Germany.