It can be very depressing for a person to be fat even after trying hard to lose that stubborn fat. Self-confidence can really take a hit and further it can impact and inconvenience both personal and professional life.

The solution to that is D.E.A.L approach

D ( Diet) – First and foremost thing is a good balanced diet that has all three ingredients (Proteins, Carbohydrates & Fat) in balanced proportions. You can follow an advice of nutrition expert or can make your own diet plan that is not too harsh but slowly and steadily moves away from the food that is making you fat. Colas, sodas, fried foods, fast foods should be off the charts. Vitamins and supplements need to be incorporated in right amount.

E (Exercise) – Joining Gym is not a prerequisite to maintain an active lifestyle. Walk for half an hour daily, take stairs, go grocery shopping, order less online, listen to your favorite song and dance to it. It could be anything. Also weight training can further help your cause as it accelerates weight loss.

A (Active life-style) – includes having a routine that should be followed to the T. It might include skipping late night parties, cutting down on your favorite drinks, giving up smoking and other lifestyle modifications that will help you in maintaining a good figure. A simple way to maintain active lifestyle is perform small chores yourself. Get your own water glass at home and take out your own file from that faraway cupboard.

L ( Liposuction) – comes in the end when even after trying hard you are not able to shed that unwanted stubborn fat especially in arms, chin, lower abdomen, thighs. If done by a good plastic surgeon and you are motivated enough to maintain results by following a proper routine after surgery, results can be exemplary. Some of Frequently asked questions about Liposuction are:

What is Liposuction?

It is procedure to remove fat out of your body by the means of special cannulas. It is not a weight loss surgery.

What is the difference between liposuction and liposculpting?

When a plastic surgeon performs a liposuction he/she not only ensures removal of fat but also applies an artistic approach to it so that you get sculpted figure which suits your body type.

Which areas can l get liposuction done?

You can get liposuction done for double chin, heavy arms, man breasts or gynaecomastia, love handles, tummy fat, Back, buttock fat, thighs, calves. Each individual is unique so your plastic surgeon after thorough examination will let you know what to expect and which areas can be targeted to achieve good results.

How is it done?

Small inconspicuous incisions of less than 0.5mm are made through which special fluid (tumescent) is inserted, then fat is sucked out through small cannulas. There are various techniques through which it can be done – Suction assisted, Power assisted, Ultrasonic and Laser assisted. You can discuss pros and cons of each technology with your plastic surgeon to make an informed decision.

Is liposuction safe?

Liposuction removes the fat between your skin and muscle and does not go around your organs which are deeper. It is one of the most common procedure being done worldwide by plastic surgeons. Do discuss the side effects with your plastic surgeon even if the chances of side effects are remote.

Is the procedure painful?

Liposuction is done by numbing the area, so there is no pain. It can be done under Local, spinal or General anesthesia.

After liposuction, you should expect some pain. You will be given pain killer tablets but there can be discomfort for a variable period in the areas of operation.

When can I resume work?

Depending on the area and amount of liposuction you can resume light work after rest of 2 days which is required for body to heal. You will have to wear a compression garment 24*7 for atleast 4-6 weeks. You can drive after one week. It’s advisable to resume heavy exercise onlyafter 1 month.

When will I get the final results?

Generally swelling starts subsiding at 4-6 weeks. Complete results should be assessed only after 6 months.

All the best in your journey to lose the stubborn fat! It is important in this journey you make right decisions right from choosing the right procedure to right surgeon. IAAPS certified plastic surgeons are skilled in all the cosmetic procedures. Always choose a certified plastic surgeon to ensure best recovery and great results.

Dr. Anmol Chugh
Consultant, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Dept.
UPHI Hospital, Gururgam
Founder editor, Plasticos