Attractiveness is all about proportions. A shapely figure which is proportionate will catch the eye. The Brazilians have recognised this and popularised Buttock surgery to improve the body proportion.
buttock augmentation Testimonial Ideally, the buttock should project as far back as the plane of the upper back projection. Another guide is the breast projection. The buttock should project as far back as the breast projection forward. Another reason to seek a buttock augmentation is to improve the roundedness or fullness of the buttock. A shapely buttock is sign of youthfulness and fitness.

You may be born with a small buttock, or your buttock may have lost its fullness when you lost weight after pregnancy, dieting or bariatric surgery. Buttock augmentation is the answer to these problems.

For those seeking buttock augmentation, there are two options, either silicone implants or Fat Grafting. The brazilian butt technique involves insertion of a silicone implant. Silicone implants are made of an absolutely inert material that is inserted under the fascia of the buttock region through a midline gluteal cleft incision, that is not visible. Fat grafting involves aspiration of fat from your body, processing it and then injecting it in to buttocks. Please read FAQ’s for more information.

What are the limitations of Buttock augmentation with silicone implants?

The size of the implant is calculated based upon your pelvis size. Only a proportionate implant can be inserted. Although the augmentation will be significant, it will rarely be extravagantly impressive.

Are there any limitations of fat grafting?

Up to 50% of fat that is injected can get absorbed and disappear. Hence, in anticipation more is injected. If, not enough is left behind, another session of fat grafting can be done.

Which technique is most suitable for me?

If you have abundant body fat and are willing to accept the uncertainly of amount of volume added, fat grafting is a safe and natural option. If you have no reservations to insertion of an implant, then silicone buttock implants give definite significant and constant improvement in one shot.

What are the risks of buttock augmentation India?

Like any augmentation, there are perioperative risks, like Hematoma, seroma, delayed healing of wound, infection, displacement or malposition of implants. These risks can be treated if they occur. Only if the infection is severe and not controlled by antibiotics, would the implant have to be removed till the infection is under control. Capsular contracture is the only long term risks in 5 – 10 % of individuals.

What are the risks of fat grafting?

The risks of fat grafting are few. If fat does not survive, it may become hard. The hard lump may be palpable for some time, till our body clears it away. If you put on weight, the grafted fat may grow more. If you lose weight, your buttock augmentation may lose some of its prominence.