BannerCould you benefit from an Aesthetic Nose Surgery?

If you have a hump or a large nose, the hump can be removed, a saddle or a depressed nose can be built up or augmented, a wide nose or a boxy nasal tip can be narrowed. Nasal tips can be refined. Deviated noses can be straightened. An aesthetic Nose Job Surgery can be combined with chin augmentation if you have a small chin or a cheek augmentation if your cheeks need to be built up for balance. A short nose can be made longer; a long nose can be made shorter. If you feel you have one of these noses, you would benefit by getting it improved by Cosmetic Nose Reshaping Surgery.

Where do I begin?

A consultation with our Rhino surgeons is the first step to learn how Cosmetic Nose Surgery i.e. rhinoplasty surgery can improve the appearance of your face. This consultation will fully educate you in a non-pressured environment and will include a discussion of your goals, options available for Nose Surgery, likely outcomes, potential risks and complications.

What kind of anesthesia is required?

Usually the procedure would be done under a general anesthetic for improved comfort, yet it is possible to do it under local anesthetic as well.

Can you explain the procedure?

The technique for Nose Surgery would depend on what is to be achieved. The approach to Nose Job Surgery could be through a traditional closed approach or the newer, open technique. In the closed technique, all incisions are taken inside the nostrils, hence nothing is visible outside. In the open technique, along with incisions inside the nostril a small incision is taken on the underside of the nose. This heals very well and is not visible in the long run, but it gives better exposure and enables a precise correction under vision. The subsequent steps of the surgery would depend on what is being done.